June Seminar: Sports Psychology with Barbara Martin

June Seminar: Sports Psychology with Barbara Martin

For the June Skate Smart seminar, Skate Pairs is excited to announce Barbara Martin will be teaching our athletes some sports psychology techniques! These techniques can be used in training, competition, and even every day life.

Skating is just as much mental as it is physical. The mental game is essential to ensure our athletes are not only training hard, but also skating smart.

For more information on Barbara’s work, visit her website at barbarasteelemartin.com.

About Barbara

Barbara Steele Martin is a licensed mental health counselor, performance coach and consultant. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Couples Therapy and Sport Psychology.  Barbara provides a safe and trusting place to help clients develop new strategies to change dysfunctional thought and behavioral patterns.  Barbara helps clients to identify dysfunctional beliefs, self-defeating thoughts, feelings and actions and collaborates with clients to develop a new and more effective approach that will enhance self confidence.

Barbara was a professional figure skater for over 10 years. After retiring from skating she trained in sport psychology at Boston University’s graduate sport psychology program under the tutelage of Dr. Len Zaichkowsky, a renowned expert on sport psychology and most recently, director of sport science of the Vancouver Canucks (NHL).

Barbara uses sport psychological techniques such as goal-setting, self-talk, exploring extrinsic and intrinsic motivators, attentional focus work, arousal regulation and imagery to help athletes and coaches improve athletic performance and motivation. Barbara also works with non-athletes to increase motivation to exercise and enhance well-being throughout their entire lifespan.