Media Experiences with Alice Cook

Media Experiences with Alice Cook

Even the most experienced athlete can get anxiety when asked to talk with members of the media. It can be crippling to think  that what you say in an interview can be written about or broadcasted to many people. But, when Alice Cook is in your corner, you know that speaking with the media isn’t as bad as you might think.

As part of the Skate Pairs “Skate Smart” series, coaches Bobby Martin and Carrie Wall invited Olympian-turned-reporter Alice Cook to speak with the Skate Pairs athletes about the media. Topics included Alice’s competitive and professional history, interview tips, and the importance of telling your story. Alice gave our athletes the confidence to own an interview, and to not be scared to add bits of their story to the narrative of the interview. The group used video examples to further discuss what makes a great (and not-so-great) interview.

Alice specifically mentioned Michelle Kwan as an athlete to mimic when speaking with the media. She explained that Michelle’s poise at a very young age made her stand out in a crowd of many athletes. Michelle would also use self-deprecating humor to turn awkward questions into delightful answers. As a reporter, Alice was a fan of this because Michelle showed that she was proud of her story, making her relatable and ultimately, loved by many!

You can follow Alice Cook on Twitter @alicemcook. Make sure to check out her website, She’s Game Sports, that focuses on the stories behind the athletes.

Thank you for coming, Alice! We look forward to seeing you soon!