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The JunePodcast: The Sport Family Corner” And Then There Were Nine – An Interview with Don Deluzio

Life Skills Monthly Webinar

Webinar imageJoin us each month for a live online presentation. The material prepares you for conversations about winning at life, not just sports, with your young athlete. If you can’t join us live, register for the webinar then enjoy the recording when your schedule permits.

To Push or Not to Push – A Parent’s Dilemma
Thursday, July 16th, 2020 at 9:00 PM EDT


Positive Parent Video and Assignment

Share these inspiring strategies with your children to help them cope with the ups and downs of daily life. Be sure to review the attached “Handout” that includes exercises to benefit your whole family.
Are Your Kids Chasing Trophies?


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True Hero Parent Article

True Hero Parent Article Discover a thought provoking and relevant expose’ each month that will challenge your thinking and stimulate your efforts to be a hero-parent to your child. 3 Contagious Mindsets You Don’t Want On Your Team


Expert Interview

Interview image You’ll realize you are not alone by listening to a new audio interview each month with pro athletes, successful coaches or parents who have walked in your shoes.  

Kristen Butler, Former Professional Women’s Softball Player & All Star at University of Florida

Kristen shares her story of chasing a dream from the early years in youth softball to highest levels of her sport.

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