Alexandria Shaughnessy & Jimmy Morgan


Alex and Jimmy started skating together back in February of 2008. A tiny, brunette 16-year-old Alex and an awkward, short-haired 17-year-old Jimmy were put together by Bobby Martin to try out pair skating. One quote summarizes how it went down. “Alex this is Jimmy, Jimmy this is Alex. Great let’s skate together!” Seven years, and a few hair changes later, they are still skating together at the senior level and have become the best of friends.

Alex and Jimmy are the 2016 Eastern Sectionals Senior Pairs Silver Medalists and were the 2012 US Novice Pairs Bronze medalists. Both Alex and Jimmy have accomplished skating careers that include the Mary Louise Wright and Blanchard awards from The Skating Club of Boston. Alex is currently a Junior Coach at The Skating Club of Boston and is a part time student at Northeastern University. Jimmy graduated with a Communications degree from Boston University and worked on the Worlds 2016 Local Organizing Committee as the web and social media coordinator.

Alex was raised in Duxbury, MA and Jimmy is from Windham, NH.

Off the ice, these two go to concerts, Bruins and Patriots games, and enjoy yoga, dancing, eating, and sleeping. Their coaching staff includes Bobby Martin, Carrie Wall, and choreographers Julie Marcotte and Sheryl Franks. Follow them on Twitter at @ashaughn18 and @HashtagJimmy. Also, be sure to check out their hilariously inspirational #MotivationalJimmy campaign!


Boxborough, MA 01719
34 Massachusetts Ave