Erika Choi Smith & AJ Reiss


Erika and Andrew John (AJ) are a dynamic, explosive team that formed in May of 2015.  Both seasoned competitors with exceptional pair skills, they got together against their own reservations as they are also a couple off the ice.  Once they both got over their concerns about working together, they quickly took off and have not stopped climbing since.  Even in a shortened season and without a lot of mileage together they became a force to be reckoned with by finishing 6th at the 2016 US Championships in St. Paul Minnesota.  Erika and AJ are excited to be back in Massachusetts with Skate Pairs, and arrived after a 3 day car ride across the country from LA to Boston with fire in their eyes and their sites set on a strong international season.

They are a joy to be around and are a great addition to the Skate Pairs team.






Boxborough, MA 01719
34 Massachusetts Ave