Kassandra Carpentier


Kassandra is a thirteen year old living in Worcester, MA and is currently in the eighth grade.  

In 2014-2015 season, skating at the intermediate level and representing The Colonial Figure Skating Club, Kassandra Became the US National Champion in Greensboro, North Carolina at the Us Figure Skating Championships. She had won the gold medal at both the regional and sectional championships leading up to nationals.

Maintaining a very intense training schedule and a full school curriculum  is no easy task for Kassandra as she was born with the genetic disease of cystic fibrosis.  This disease affects her respiratory and digestive systems which she must monitor and control daily.  Kassandra is a fighter however and never uses her disease as an excuse and continues to push herself beyond her comfort zone.

Kassandra’s dream is to continue her skating and to take it as far as she can go.  

Along with all of her goals as an athlete, Kassandra’s hope is to inspire others to follow their dreams regardless of any obstacles they may encounter on the way.  She believes that with hard work, dedication and support from family and friends you can accomplish anything you put your heart and sole into doing.

Off the ice, Kassandra is a typical 13 year old, enjoying time with her brother Ian and sisters Mia and Sasha. She loves to dance, listen to music and making videos with her friends.


Boxborough, MA 01719
34 Massachusetts Ave